Why Are There No Yamaha Guitar Picks?

We all know Yamaha to be one of the best instrument brands in the world. this is no different when it comes to their guitars and basses. so this has led me to a question that I’ve been wondering for quite some time now…


why does Yamaha never make guitar picks and plectrums??


all other guitar brandyamaha plectrumss in the world generally have a brand of their own of guitar picks and plectrums, so why do Yamaha not have the same thing?


I know that if they made guitar picks, I would certainly buy them and use them just because I know how good the quality would be. This is considering that the plectrums remain the same quality as the rest of the Yamaha instruments.


They could make even just a small range of the plectrums, it wouldn’t even have to be in a lot of different materials, gauges or shapes. Even just a regular shape made out of the a fairly high quality material, something that sounds good on the Strings and something that feels good to play.


I’m sure Yamaha could make a guitar pick of decent quality if they really tried. I understand that for such a large company, it might not be in their best interests to waste time and resources producing a product that is so small and minute. However, can you imagine how good the marketing would be for Yamaha if they had their name and brand on the guitar picks. Think about how many people will see that branding on a daily basis. It is essentially just like having free branding that gets bought and lost by people. It is quite a great idea if I have to admit so myself. 


So I really think that Yamaha should definitely go for making guitar picks one day or another cause I really think they would be able to make the best guitar picks in the world. They wouldn’t have to be such an expensive price and I don’t think it would be such an intense job for them to do such a thing.


Having said that, things are always easier said than done but like I said I’m sure there is a small, maybe even large group of people that would be very interested in using and buying the Yamaha guitar picks that have not existed for quite some time. I may be wrong about the fact that Yamaha do not have plectrums but I certainly haven’t seen them anywhere around so maybe there were once in production and I’m aware of it for now there’s nothing and I would like that is something.

Why I Play Yamaha Instruments

Why I play Yamaha instruments. 

I’ve been playing Yamaha since I was a teenager when I started the guitar as my first instrument.  It just so happened that the guitar that was sitting in my living room was a Yamaha acoustic.


I was always drawn to the instrument not necessarily because of the brand but because I wanted to play the guitar, it just happened to be that the instrument was made by Yamaha.


As a result I landed up learning on that very instrument.  That Yamaha guitar taught me about guitar and everything that I know about the instrument today. I would never feel comfortable paying another brand acoustic or electric for that matter due to the fact that Yamaha served me so well over the years.


That’s not to say that I don’t have other brands of other guitars at home, it’s just that the Yamaha brand and instruments have been the most reliable and have always been the best companion for me. I will never sell my Yamaha guitar and I will always cherish it.


Nowadays I’m not only a guitar player but I also play various other instruments too, I play the saxophone and trumpet now and as a result I have decided from my past experiences that I would prefer to have my instruments from Yamaha.


So now I play Yamaha guitars, Yamaha saxophone and Yamaha Trumpet. I’d like to start playing drums at some point of which I’m sure I will be using Yamaha they have been a great company with the highest quality instruments and I will always recommend them to anyone

Yamaha E Ban Competition – Registration Open

Are you an amateur musician looking to expose your band’s talent via the internet to become famous world wide? Would you like to stand a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Japan to compete at the Asian Beat Band Competition? You would love to get your hands on some awesome Yamaha gear? Yes? The Yamaha Music Gulf E-Band Competition is for you!


Who can enter:

Amateur musicians with no recording contract. Entrants must be 15 years and older (parental consent necessary for minors) Full list of entry requirements: http://ae.yamaha.com/en/news_events/event/e-band-competition/

How to enter:

1. Register via https://a.cstmapp.com/promotions/14478

2. Upload your band’s recorded live video performance / share YouTube or Vimeo link

3. Get your friends and family to share your video entry (link provided upon registration)

*Registration closes on 31 August 2016 and winners will be announced on 15 September 2016.



1. Winner will be given a chance to compete at the Asian Beat 2016 band competition grand finals in Tokyo, Japan on 05 November 2016.

2. All expense paid trip to Japan. Asian Beat is an annual event showcasing one of the biggest amateur band competitions held throughout many regions in Asia. For more information regarding the Asian Beat Band Competiton, please visit the official website for the 2015 competition: asia.yamaha.com/asianbeat/


Individual prizes:

(winners selected from all video entries)

1. Best Guitarist (Yamaha RS620 Revstar Electric Guitar)

2. Best Bassist (Yamaha TRBX505 Bass Guitar)

3. Best Keyboardist (Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer)

4. Best Drummer (Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drums)

5. Best Vocalist (Yamaha MG10XU Mixer and MSP3 Studio Monitors)



PSR-E443 Promotion


Among all the instruments and devices that Yamaha offers, its portable keyboard range can certainly be regarded as the most popular.  Yamaha offers a wide range of keyboards which are especially designed for the amateurs, beginners and experienced musicians. The Yamaha PSR-E443 has taken a big leap in bridging the gap between the needs of both amateurs and professional keyboard players.

For the months of April and May 2016 only, you are able to own the portable keyboard ICON, Yamaha PSR-E443, at an all new affordable price point of R 6 800.00 ex vat – available from your nearest authorized Yamaha retailer.  Thats an astonishing discount of R 4000.00 off the standard retail price. *Terms & Conditions apply.

Key benefits of the PSR-E443 when compared to other products:

The Yamaha PSR-E443 is an ideal first keyboard in many ways, but also a robust alternative for more experienced players who are seeking advanced features as they perform or compose their own music. With its wide-ranging capabilities it represents a great value as it will grow with players as they build their abilities and confidence.

– user friendly and easy to operate

– superior sound quality with incredible samples

– assignable Control Knobs on the PSR-E443 are very useful for ‘RealTime Control’

– presence of a useful USB Port to save data from the keyboard

– advanced versatility of effects


  • 755 High Quality Voices
  • 32 Polyphony
  • PATTERN function to create your own grooves
  • Real-time Controllers
  • Arpeggio Function
  • AUX In
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
  • World Wide Sounds
  • Music Database
  • Recording facilities
  • Built in metronome
  • Headphone socket
  • USB facilities
  • iPhone/iPod touch/iPad connectivity

PATTERN Function

The PATTERN function puts a wealth of powerful loops and beats at your fingertips to instantly create dynamically varied music on the fly like a DJ. And, for even more authentic preformance, try the new crossfade and retrigger functions.

Real-time Controllers and Pitch Bend wheel

Two real-time controllers let you filter and adjust your sound just like an analog synthesizer. The Pitch Bend wheel adjusts the pitch of the sound bringing voices to life.

755 high quality voices

The PSR-E443 includes 755 high quality voices ranging from acoustic to electric instruments, all using Yamaha’s renowned advanced voice technologies. The sound is given the final boost by the built-in 2-way speaker system with bass enhancement.

Arpeggio Function

Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function which has been improved for smoother playability. Hold mode and allocated key-range free your hands, allowing you to improvise over the pattern. The 150 Arpeggio patterns adjust and morph around the notes and chords you play on the keyboard allowing for almost limitless creativity.

Aux input

Connect an external audio player to the Aux input and play along with your favourite tunes. Advanced vocal/melody suppressor lowers the volume of vocals and melody lines of the original recordings, leaving that part open for you to play.

*Depending on the song, the volume of the melody part may not be affected.

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad connectivity

Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and experience a new dimension of MIDI control with apps like Yamaha’s Scale Tuner, Metronome and Visual Performer.

*For iOS device connection, refer to the “iPhone / iPad Connection Manual”

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is an advanced set of helpful learning tools built into the instrument, letting you teach yourself how to play and perform regardless of your ability. Choose from nine step-by-step lessons for left, right, or both hands. Y.E.S. helps you master a song with ease.

World Wide Sounds Support Your Music

A rich set of ethnic sounds and scale tuning allow you to enjoy many styles of music around the world, including Latin, Indian, Arabic, African, Chinese, and more.

Music Database

Get off to a flying start; choose a song and the Music Database automatically selects the best accompaniment and voices for you to start playing immediately.

USB to Device

The USB to Device port on the instrument lets you load and save your settings and songs, as well as transfer data from connected devices such as a USB flash memory.

Multi Award Winning Actor & Pianist, Jonathan Roxmouth Chooses Yamaha

I play yamaha JOHANNESBURG – August 4, 2015 – Yamaha Music South Africa is proud to announce the addition of multi award winning actor and pianist, Jonathan Roxmouth, to the South African family of distinguished YAMAHA piano artists.  Roxmouth has chosen the YAMAHA brand of instrumentation by means of musical partnership with the brand’s range of premium quality grand pianos, namely the YAMAHA GC2.


“The piano has been a huge part of my career so far and so I have played on my fair share of instruments across the country. YAMAHA Grand Pianos have always been superior to play in terms of action of the mechanics themselves as well as the quality of the sound produced. Whether I have performed on them in theatre productions such as CALL ME LEE or A HANDFUL OF KEYS or having been accompanied on them in shows like STAGE BY STAGE, I have always chosen and preferred YAMAHA. To be associated with a power brand like YAMAHA is a responsibility I do not take lightly. Their instruments continually challenge you to be a better pianist and artist.” says Jonathan.


YAMAHA has proud distinction as one of the most recognized brands of premium quality musical instrumentation and is pleased to associate itself with a roster of local and international music stars to promote music awareness, education, as well as underscore the breadth and quality of the Yamaha brand


About Jonathan Roxmouth


Jonathan started his career many years ago as the bespectacled Financial Advisor in Sanlam’s series of Baby Adverts. The acting bug bit and he has never looked back. He gained the bulk of his “training” by participating in a number of musicals at the Natal Playhouse. These included GUYS AND DOLLS (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), OKLAHOMA! (Ali Hakim), THE MIKADO (Pooh-Bah), ME AND MY GIRL (Bill Snibson) and THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (The Pirate King). He made his professional debut in 2006 in the Barnyard’s production of GREASE (Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel). He followed that up with ROCK ME, AMADEUS (W.A. Mozart) and THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY (Buddy Holly) both directed by Ian von Memerty – a meeting that would affect the course of his young career. The big musicals finally beckoned and he played Lun Tha in Packed House Productions’ THE KING AND I.


What followed was an undisputed milestone for him. He joined Roelof Colyn in A HANDFUL OF KEYS – directed by Ian von Memerty and enjoyed a massive success. The show received a breath of fresh air with the new partnership and it toured nationally three times over. It garnered him a Naledi Nomination for Best Performance in a Breakthrough Role as well as a Fleur Du Cap Award Nomination for Best Performance in a Cabaret or Revue. In the same year, he earned his first two Naledi Awards for Best Performance in a Musical as well as Best Comedy Performance (shared with Sibu Radebe) and the Fleur Du Cap for Best Performance in a Musical for his portrayal of Gaston in Pieter Toerien and Hazel Feldman’s production of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. He was then cast as the narrating silver tabby Munkustrap in Pieter Toerien’s revival of CATS.


Later that year, he went solo with his one-man show, IN BLACK & WHITE, to critical acclaim before returning to GREASE – this time as Danny Zuko in Pieter Toerien and David Ian’s smash hit production which toured to Cape Town, Johannesburg, New Zealand and Hong Kong. For this, he earned a second Naledi Award nomination for Best Performance in a musical. Before commencing the international legs of the tour, Jonathan teamed up with Alan Swerdlow to write HATS OFF! – The Hilarious Songbook of Flanders & Swann, which he performed with Louis Zurnamer. For this, he received his second Fleur Du Cap Nomination for Best Performance in a Cabaret.


In what was a challenging shift, he played the role of Judas Iscariot in Pieter Toerien’s production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. His interpretation of the role earned him the Fleur Du Cap Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Then came his big break – Pieter Toerien and The Really Useful Group’s record-breaking return production of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Jonathan played the Phantom himself and was catapulted into a new phase of his career. He garnered the Fleur Du Cap and Naledi Awarda for Best Performance in a Musical as well as the Artes Legends Award then toured with the production to the Far East making history as the youngest English-speaking Phantom yet and winning the Broadway World Award for his performance.


He then performed his one-man show, TOPSY TURVY – A Fresh Look at Gilbert & Sullivan in Johannesburg and Cape Town, having premiered it in Durban originally at the Rhumbelow Theatre, enjoying both great box office and critical acclaim as well as a Fleur du Cap nomination for Best Performance in a Musical. He was last seen as Noël Coward in Sheridan Morley’s NOËL & GERTIE for which he was nominated for a Naledi Award for Best Performance in a Musical. His last turn in a musical was as Joe Gillis in Pieter Toerien’s 25th Anniversary production of SUNSET BOULEVARD. He has just completed his debut album – STAGE BY STAGE and was last seen in the 20th Anniversary tour of A HANDFUL OF KEYS – partnering up with Roelof Colyn and Ian von Memerty.

Jonathan can next be seen as Tony in The Fugard Theatre’s production of WEST SIDE STORY at the ArtsCape Opera House in Cape Town from July this year.